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About us

From a Bakery to a Chocolaterie


The big move

In 2012 Nanne-Jan and Lia Stienstra decided to go for a big change. They moved from the province of Friesland to the island Texel (pronounce ‘Tessel’) where they opened The Texel Chocolaterie. The Texel Chocolaterie is located in the main town of the island, Den Burg, along a street named ‘Spinbaan’.


The change from a bakery to a chocolaterie

Nanne-Jan and Lia previously owned a well-known bakery in Leeuwarden along Schrans Street, namely the “Nijstad Bakery”.
However, the seashore’s strong attraction provoked them to move to the island of Texel. It is on this island, that Nanne-Jan and Lia dedicated themselves to their true passion: chocolate. By using local products and island produce in their home-made bonbons, customers are repeatedly surprised by the new tastes of chocolate, ever so delicious!

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