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The Texel Chocolaterie

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Its Nice and its healthy!
Chocolate is good for your health. Honest! And it makes you feel great. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which produce feelings of wellness in people. Caffeine and theobromine also stimulate the nervous system.
The Mayas in Mexico are known to have used cacao beans as a currency for payment, due to its precious attributes.

Stimulating taste
Would you like to try chocolate with an unusual extraordinary taste? The Texel Chocolaterie in Den Burg offers chocolate of various kinds and tastes, inspired by the change of seasons on the island. Our chocolate bonbons are all handmade, as well as the chocolate bars and other special chocolate creations, such as island sheep and lighthouses. In our shop you find the most delicious chocolate to treat yourself and friends.

gereedschap op metaal 2bNew in our chocolate Range, almost like real ones.


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