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Discover our delicious bonbons! Below is an overview of all bonbons in our range. In our webshop we sell a number of mixed boxes with bonbons.

  • Apricot

    Soft bonbon with a clear garnish of pieces of apricot in white chocolate.

  • Milk lawyer
    Milk lawyer

    Traditional Texel lawyer wrapped in a chocolate cap.

  • Lawyer Pure
    Lawyer Pure

    Traditional Texel lawyer wrapped in a chocolate cap.

  • Amanda

    A fine marzipan (72% almonds) with a touch of Viennese Almonds (roasted).

  • Amaretto White
    Amaretto White

    Milk Canache with the special Amaretto liqueur.

  • Araguani 72%
    Araguani 72%

    Filling of 72% Valrhona chocolate, without flavor addition, but delicious in itself.

  • Boerenjongens

    Pure chocolade ganache met brandenwijn en boerenjongens.

  • Bonboetje Milk
    Bonboetje Milk

    A Boet with a contemporary filling of plums and a little sea buckthorn.

  • Bonboetje puur
    Bonboetje puur

    Een schapenboet met een pruimenvulling en een vleugje Texelse duindoorn.

  • Bonbon with sheep
    Bonbon with sheep

    Filled with a homemade hazelnut praliné.

  • Bonbon with Texel flag
    Bonbon with Texel flag

    Filled with a homemade hazelnut praliné.

  • Bonbon with seal
    Bonbon with seal

    Filled with a homemade hazelnut praliné.

  • Chili pepper
    Chili pepper

    A temperamental chili pepper filling with a surprisingly spicy aftertaste.

  • Citroen

    Frisse citroen ganache.

  • Cocos puur
    Cocos puur

    Een ware verrassing van verschillende cocos ingeriënten.

  • Coconut White
    Coconut White

    A true surprise of different coconut ingredients.

  • Cranberry

    Island berries wrapped in dark chocolate, a very tasty combination.

  • Pine Caramel Pure
    Pine Caramel Pure

    Caramel combined with a hint of pine.

  • Sea buckthorn
    Sea buckthorn

    Made from the orange Sea Buckthorn berry, nice and fruity in a pure jacket.

  • Frambozen truffel
    Frambozen truffel

    Melk ganache gemaakt met frambozen puree, omhuld in ruby chocolade

  • Luck

    Delicious orange liqueur based on cognac, with orange garnish.

  • Marbled Hazelnut
    Marbled Hazelnut

    Ground hazelnut, chocolate and pieces of crunchy almond that melt on the tongue.

  • Ginger

    Including fresh ginger root.

  • Jutter molen
    Jutter molen

    Pure chocolade ganache met een flinke scheut Texelse kruidenbitter.

  • Jutter kruikje melk
    Jutter kruikje melk

    Pure chocolade ganache met een flinke scheut Texelse kruidenbitter.

  • Juttter kruikje puur
    Juttter kruikje puur

    Pure chocolade ganache met een flinke scheut Texelse kruidenbitter.

  • Cinnamon

    Creamy soft chocolate filling with a hint of cinnamon.

  • Kikker

    Gevuld met een marsepein ganache en mascarpone vulling.

  • Coffee Pure
    Coffee Pure

    With freshly roasted coffee on Texel with chocolate nibs for a crispy bite.

  • Coffee White
    Coffee White

    Whole coffee beans drawn in cream, flavored with caramel.

  • Coriander Chartreuse
    Coriander Chartreuse

    Challenging. The green marriage between herbs and a 400 year young liqueur.

  • Lavender

    A surprising combination of lavender with dark chocolate.

  • Manon Walnut
    Manon Walnut

    Walnuts combined with white chocolate and a pinch of star anise.

  • Marzipan Cognac Pure
    Marzipan Cognac Pure

    Marzipan canache with dark chocolate and an Exclusive Cognac.

  • Marsepein champagne
    Marsepein champagne

    Een fijne marsepein (72% amandelen) met een scheutje champagne.

  • Mascarpone

    White on the outside, creamy on the inside.

  • Mocha

    Family of the coffee, but just a little different

  • Mosterd

    Een pure chocolade ganache met pittige mosterd van de mosterdmakerij Texel met een vleugje honing

  • Nougat

    Soft white nougat with crispy roasted nuts.

  • Nut fruits
    Nut fruits

    Fruits, nuts and honey, nicely visible partly in dark chocolate.

  • Rabarber

    Vruchtenblokjes laag met een pure ganache van rababer.

  • Strender Poacher Milk
    Strender Poacher Milk

    Equipped with a real Texel drink.

  • tessel damage
    tessel damage

    The most historic Tesselse herbal liqueur, from the VOC era.

  • Tea

    Drawn from fine Earl Gray tea, you can taste it.

  • Toffee Caramel
    Toffee Caramel

    Soft creamy caramel caught between 2 slices of crispy nougatine.

  • Garden stump
    Garden stump

    The Texel marzipan sushi.

  • VOC Spices
    VOC Spices

    A unique experience and history of a diverse oriental spice. (Cinnamon, cloves, star anise, fennel, pepper).

  • Vanilla Caramel
    Vanilla Caramel

    A soft Caramel with vanilla in dark chocolate.

  • seal

    Filled with homemade hazelnut praliné.

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