Proud new owner

About us

A dream came true…

When Nanne-Jan and Lia Stienstra were looking for someone to take over the Texel Chocolaterie, they didn't have to search for long. Esmay doesn't like to do anything better than treating people with the most delicious cakes and bonbons, which she learned from the best! A little more than two years ago she worked at patisserie Kuyt in Amsterdam, one of the best in the Netherlands, before returning to Texel to work in the Texelse Chocolaterie. Unbeknownst to her that only one year later her dream would come true…

Since the 3rd of February 2022, Esmay is the proud new owner of Texel Chocolaterie. The products and the concept remain the same, just like its goal: the aim to surprise customers every single time by utilising the unique environment and locally sourced products.

Support cocoa farmers with sustainable chocolate

Thousands of people in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoir depend on the cocoa farm industry and at the same time deal with poverty, child labour and a lack of clean water and safe nutrition. To support these communities we chose to use Callebaut chocolate, product with the finest ingredients and 100% sustainable cocoa. A share of the profit on this chocolate is reinvested to the cocoa farmers and their communities.

In this way they have access to professional training, and aid women and young farmers in their development. Together we make a change!